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Everything about free file-hosting and methods for protecting information.

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?Back to the Past?

?Manuscripts don?t burn,? the ancients used to say. But one guy named Gerostratus managed to reduce the Alexandrian Library to ashes. He got his own way, but priceless manuscripts were lost.
Modern Gerostratuses, also known as hackers and noble burglars, are ready to be hide from the audience. But a marriage contract, a rental contract, and a report for your boss may all vanish from your computer into thin air in a moment – just a tiny virus is more than enough. Methods for protecting information have been discussed 1000 times, but no panacea has been found. Anyway, relief exists – you just need to look for it in another place.

?Just My Luck?

Of course you may buy some cd-rw and flash drives with up to 1 Gb volume, and every day, or, better yet, hourly, copy your data to removable drives. Spacious shelving and a friendly catalogue search engine would be great too. And the main thing – don?t forget your CD-case to grab all that stuff for work or on vacation. I know one guy who has opened two e-mail accounts and every day sends data from one to another on purpose to keep files on a mail-server. Unfortunately for him, his huge Power Point files didn?t want to attach to his messages. We could keep on torturing you, mentioning ?hacker-like? nightmares, and you will keep on copying data to removable drives forever. But the new file-hosting services have changed everything.

?Forward To The Future?

Nowadays, file-hosting is one of the most reliable ways of hosting and sharing data. Super protected servers cut off all the endless attempts by hackers to penetrate the system, and keep all data primitive. As a whole the list of services at those sites are the same. Upload, Host and Share. But you will really be surprised by most of them because of the commercials and strong requirements they have in order to register. You can breathe freely just doing what you want to on friendly www.oxyshare.com. First of all, there is an Oxyshare directory, where you can share and store everything you want. You can find here Video Storage, which doesn?t let your home videos take over your hard drive, Photo Album, where you can upload and share your photos with anyone on Earth, Music Library, in which your favorite songs are always within reach, Movies Collection, and even Organizer, which gives you access to files anytime and from anywhere. In brief, OxyShare gives you 24/7 access to your data wherever you go.
And all these things can be done without any registration, and absolutely totally for free. But ?for free? is not exactly the right expression. You can even earn money for your living with Oxyshare. Its Partnership Program allows you to upload interesting video (your grandma?s anniversary is not the best idea) or useful soft, and get money for every download from your link. It?s a piece of cake. But that?s not the only good thing. If your upload gets in the TOP 100, you?ll get a bonus. But we won?t tell you the amount of this bonus aloud. Otherwise? Well, you know that not only Joe Black?s visit is inevitable.

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